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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Site-Boosters?


Site-Boosters offers a multiple award-winning website building service that allows you to quickly and easily create professional looking websites. Site-Boosters is simple to use and packed with powerful features allowing you to achieve results beyond your expectations!



What should I use Site-Boosters for?


Site-Boosters can be used for any kind of website or online content. From personal profile pages to e-commerce stores, Site-Boosters makes publishing and designing your website quick and easy. To get inspired by some of the sites that have been built using Site-Boosters have a look at our Gallery.



Why is Site-Boosters different from other website builders?


Site-Boosters is different from other website builders because of its unparalleled ease of use. We offer a true 'drag and drop, point and click' edit environment which makes it incredibly easy to update your content. If you want to change some text, just click on it on your site and change it. If you want to move an image, just drag it across the page, or drag the corners to change its size. There is no technology to learn, no code, no form filling, just quick and easy tools that work intuitively. There is a free no-obligation trial, so why not have a go.



Do I have to pay for Site-Boosters?


Site-Boosters is available as both a free and a paid-for service. The free version of Site-Boosters has some restricted features and your site will carry text based advertising. Subscription based Site-Boosters packs are available at different prices and have various features. None of the paid packs will show ads or carry Site-Boosters branding, so the site is completely yours! For more information on pricing see our pricing page.



Can I use my own domain name?


Yes you can. When you build a site with Site-Boosters we give you a free subdomain, e.g., to get you started. You can always add a new domain name, e.g., or use an existing domain name with your site too. See our Support FAQs for more information on this.



Does Site-Boosters work well with search engines?


Yes it does. Site-Boosters makes all of your content visible to search engines in W3C compliant HTML which allows them to easily index and rank your pages. Additionally, Site-Boosters gives you the option to add page titles, keywords and descriptions for every page in your site, and we automatically produce a Sitemap document for your site which gives search engines a complete list of your visible pages. If you don't want your pages listed by search engines, we allow you to make them invisible too. Many of our sites rank extremely highly on search engines.



How do I publish my Site-Boosters site?


Site-Boosters sites are always 'live' online, i.e. you don't have to publish them. Your pages are always available to people visiting your site and changes that you make happen instantaneously. We also enable you to hide pages from the menu while you are editing them if you prefer.



Can I sell things on Site-Boosters?


Yes you can. Site-Boosters currently integrates with PayPal as a payment gateway. You can set up links or buttons on your site to act as 'buy now' or 'add to cart' PayPal buttons. PayPal is a free service which allows you to send and receive payments online and it allows your customers to manage a shopping cart of items. Site-Boosters allows you to integrate with these features for your own online store.



Can I use Site-Boosters to build sites for other people?


Definitely, this is something that is quite common. Many web designers find Site-Boosters to be a very useful tool that allows them to quickly build and design sites for clients as there are no technology headaches to deal with. And you can offer the client a free content management tool built in!


However, if you are selling sites built using Site-Boosters we require that you purchase a new account for each client or sign up for one of our specific Site-Boosters Reseller products. It is against our Terms to use a single Plus or Max account to host multiple paid client sites.



What is the difference between the different Site-Boosters packs?


Site-Boosters is available in 5 different versions from Free to Max. All of the packs use the same core Site-Boosters product making it easy to upgrade between packages. A full list of product features is available on our pricing page.


Site-Boosters Free is free to use, but has some restricted features. Site-Boosters Lite is the basic paid version and gives you access to most features with the ability to build 1 site. Site-Boosters Standard gives you access to e-commerce features, allows you to build up to 5 sites and provides more disk space and bandwidth. Site-Boosters Plus increases your limit to 10 sites and further increases disk space and bandwidth. Site-Boosters Max gives you all the Site-Boosters features, allows an unlimited number of sites to be built and gives the most disk space and bandwidth.



Can I use Google tools (Webmaster tools, Sitemaps, AdSense, Analytics, AdWords)?


All of them. Site-Boosters allows you to place Google AdSense adverts on your site enabling you to make money from the clicks-throughs. You can also buy AdWords on Google to drive traffic to your site. Tracking user activity and page views on your site can be achieved by using Google Analytics which you can easily sign up for through your site. Furthermore, we allow you to use Google Webmaster tools and automatically produce a Sitemap for your site that helps search engines index your pages.



Can I get help if I can't use it?


Yes. We have a number of different support channels available. Firstly our Product FAQs offer answers to the most common questions and should be able to help you with most of your issues, along with a beginner's guide which is available to download. For anything else you can submit an email query to our support team who will answer it within 24 hours. There is also a product forum in our Community section that allows site builders to share tips and experiences building sites using Site-Boosters.



Site-Boosters is built using Flash, why? Does it matter?


The Site-Boosters editing tools are built using Adobe Flash because it allows us to offer a genuine 'drag and drop' WYSIWYG interface that makes Site-Boosters so easy to use. However, we publish your site in both Flash and HTML so it is available to the widest range of browsers and is correctly indexed and listed by search engines. Flash is often criticised for not being search engine friendly, which is why we extract the content from your site and publish it in HTML too. So you get all the benefits of a slick easy to use Flash interface without any downside. That is why Site-Boosters is an awesome tool.



Can I license Site-Boosters for use with my own customers?


Yes you can. We have a number of different options available to customers who want to use Site-Boosters commercially.




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